Vital Pathway for the First Trip to Abroad

First trip abroad-the enterprise is quite exciting. For some, to such an extent that they have not addressed this “voyage”, preferring to spend holidays in good “mastered” places “at home or abroad. And this fear is understandable: an unknown land, language, and customs. How to reach the hotel? As with full ignorance of the language, explain with a local? Where to buy necessary things? What to do if you encounter a difficult situation or need help urgently? In General, “where to go”? Here is the imperative pathway needed while traveling the first trip to abroad:

Tour selection

Buy tickets and book hotel you can independently via the Internet. This can save you. Seasoned tourists so often do. But for those who travel for the first time, it is better to use the services of a travel agency. Your task is to explain in as much detail as possible representatives of the travel agency, what do you expect from the trip and the amount of money to do this to the best of your knowledge. Be sure to “let slip” that this is your first holiday abroad-in this case you will be given a more detailed “briefing”. You will be offered to choose from several hotels will tell in details about them and the name value. With regard to the first phase, it is desirable to choose the Agency with a good reputation, better-on recommendations from friends and acquaintances. Do not rush your choice of the tour operator.

Shop tour

As a rule, you can book a tour for the company’s employees. This usually happens quickly — up to several minutes. In case of successful armor, you conclude a corresponding agreement with the tour operator, paying this amount (about 40% full payment require rare). In the contract “prescribed”: country, hotel, length of stay, number of people, food, paid a portion of the total cost of the tour, etc. Naturally, for registration you will need to provide passport (copy), photo, help needed-depending on which mode (Visa/Visa) in the country where you intend to go. A few days later, the entire package of documents will be prepared: airline tickets, passports with visas, insurance policy, and settlement of vouchers. All this you can get on the day of departure at the airport.

Departure: Customs and passport control check-in

You will need to arrive at the airport three hours before departure to check. If the documents you haven’t taken away, then get them from their representative travel agencies. Before planting you’ll be “subjected to” customs control, check-in and passport control, pass your luggage. These procedures are obligatory for everyone, so if you don’t know where to go ask about this from his more experienced fellow travelers or employees-to get everything done properly and on time.

Customs control

Simple tourists cost commonly without customs declaration-this often arises from necessity when carrying certain drugs or substantial sums of money. You will be asked to lay down all your luggage at a special tape for x-ray screening. And you, clearing itself of metal objects pass through the Archway metal detector. If Customs officers have any suspicions about luggage, you may be asked to provide things for a thorough inspection. Don’t forget that almost all airlines banned liquids, aerosol cans, and piercing-cutting items.

Letting baggage and check-in

Your flight you can easily find on the scoreboard with a schedule. When you register you will receive boarding passes with the specified places for you on the plane. Luggage for rent after prior weighing. Most often, the mass norm equals twenty kilograms per person. In a plane it is possible to take hand luggage-than she is less so you will feel more comfortable. For a small surcharge, you can pack your luggage with its packaging film in several layers-this will increase the resistance to accidental damage and protects against possible theft of belongings. It is better to “values” to take with them as hand luggage.

Passport control

Passport control procedure is as follows: all passengers pass through racks, where have their passports. Border guards on demand are delivered and another documents-boarding card, birth certificate, the power of Attorney for its removal, etc. After the “break-through” on the criminal basis, you will put a mark indicating the passage of the State border.

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Travel Packages in India – North Indian Travel Packages

When traveling in India, there are certain things that you must never miss and there are certain places you must always place in your itinerary. North Indian sites are not to be missed when you’re looking to experience a mix of ancient Indian heritage and modernism. The northern parts are after all the historical and political center of the country.

North Indian Travel Packages – The Types Available

When you consult tour operators in India about North Indian tour packages, the most popular one that they’ll put forward is the Golden Triangle Package. This package includes tours of three places in India that are of historical importance; the three being Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. It is one of the most popular travel packages in the country River Rafting Camping Tour .

This will mostly be a 7/8 days and 6/7 nights trip starting at Delhi. The first two days are spent at Delhi, the third day in traveling from Delhi to Agra, the fourth day in visiting Agra, the fifth day in traveling to Jaipur and looking around the city and the sixth day in returning to Delhi. A lot of Mughal architectural marvels can be visited during this trip, along the likes of the Taj Mahal, the Red Fort, the Hawa Mahal, and many more.

Then there are the very famous wildlife tours in North India as many wildlife sanctuaries are spread across this part of the country. The tour can last for 15 or 16 days depending on the package and can also include the Golden Triangle. The tour kicks off from Delhi and the first destination is the famous Jim Corbett National Park, which is famous for its tigers.

The next destination is the Ranthambore Sanctuary followed by the Keoladeo Ghana National Park. The trip’s last destination is the Kanha National Park, which is famous for its antelopes. During the journey, you may otherwise get to visit Agra and Khajuraho, two very famous heritage sites.

Another famous destination right on top of the list of many tour operators in India is the 15 day Camel Safari Package that takes tourists around the desert destination of Rajasthan. The package covers all major cities in Rajasthan like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Mandwa, Udaipur, Mount Abu, and Ranthambore. The main attraction is the day long camel back safari through the desert that’s organized within the Desert National Park.

Besides these there are the Buddhist Pilgrimage travel packages in India that take tourists around all major Buddhist cities. Through the Palace On Wheels tour, you can take a journey around Rajasthan in a luxurious, palatial train. These travel packages can be mixed and matched with other travel destinations upon request through tour operators in India.