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Tour to India – Amazing Vacations to Explore

Tour to India has recently shown a great spurt with an array of options available to the travelers looking forward to get acquainted with the diverse culture and varied landscape of this incredible country. India is a vast country both geographically and in terms of the diversity in culture and creeds of her inhabitant. From the great Himalayas in the north to the golden beaches of Kovalam in south, from the pristine terrains of Arunachal Pradesh in the east to the land of Maharajas Rajasthan in the west, vacations in India and the tour packages in India available to the tourists looking for Indian tour offers an impressive choice of destinations for diverse set of tourists looking for their distinct experience.

India has always attracted a lot of tourists from world over due to its varied landscape, diverse culture and its rich history. Due to its sheer size and difference in the geographical location and the climatic condition, the country is loaded with a vast variety and diversity of flora and fauna. Do dham yatra tour packages Besides this abode of the Indus Valley civilization and region of historical trade routes and myriad empires has always been renowned for its cultural wealth. Holidays in India can be a rejuvenating, enlightening and an unforgettable experience for the travelers looking forward to tour packages in India.

In the recent years India has become a hotspot of the global tourism and deservedly so. India has a rich repertoire of wildlife, hill stations, trekking trails, rock climbing zones, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and enchanting beaches. Recently eco tourism, luxury train travel, yoga/spiritual tourism and the medical tourism has added to the already brimming inventory of the India tour packages.

The rich heritage of Indian tradition, history and architecture along with contemporary elegance evident in the growth of hotels and resorts and modern architectural marvels appeal to a variety of tourists both Indian and International. Nowadays an assortment of tour operators offers a number of customized packages to the visitors who come for a tour to India.

The visitors can choose a customized package according to his preference or he can go for a mixed itinerary – the variable being time and money. In a vast country like India tour packages comes with many advantages. Firstly they take you on a select itinerary of a particular area with its distinctive features. For example a heritage tour of India will take to the places that reverberate with the rich tradition and culture of India be it the landmarks or heritage structures. Same goes medical tourism in India that will take care that your need is the basis of the particular itinerary.

If you are interested in wildlife or associated with a cause for them then instead of visiting the various places you can choose a trip that will traverse the course of your particular interest area. Same goes for those looking for the adventure in their expedition. Since it will be virtually impossible both physically and monetarily to traverse along the length and breadth of India it’s a better option to avail for a particular tour package in India.

Another benefit – which I guess is most relevant for the foreign travelers – is that the rush that a conventional tour to India involves, the usual cacophonies in an overcrowded train, the fleecing guides, the uncertainty of next destination and the availability of accommodations are all accounted for in a pre arranged tour itinerary. It saves a lots of effort and money and rather much comfortable than the conventional travelling in India.

Holiday Hotel

The Incredible Beauty And Luxury Of Mauritius

There is an island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius. The waters of the sea are warm with golden beaches, coral reefs and the richest of fauna and flora. The hospitality of the island has become legendary and the hotels are comfortable, peaceful and simply gorgeous. The luxury hotels in Mauritius are part of the reason the island has become one of the most sought after vacation and holiday destinations in the world.

The Luxurious Amenities

Although people desire different amenities in their hotel of choice, the luxury hotels in Mauritius have thought of everything. Honeymooners will enjoy the romance, the magnificent beaches, the spa, room service and long walks along the shore. Businessmen will find the Wi-Fi, golf course, business center, meeting rooms and delicious restaurant mix just the right amount of pleasure into their trip. Families will certainly take advantage of the cool, refreshing pool, air conditioned rooms and suites, kitchenette and fitness center to have an unforgettable vacation. The complimentary breakfast, bar and lounge will put a smile on your face as you fall in love with the island

Meeting The Dolphins

When you sail to the west coast of Bel Ombre you will have the pleasure of seeing adorable dolphins in their natural habitat. Watching these incredible creatures playing with each other, feeding and taking naps is an incredible way to spend the day.

The Tea Route

The Tea Route at the Bois Cheri is a cultural and culinary journey. You will learn about tea production on the first tea plantation established in Mauritius. The plantation was originally established towards the end of the 19th century and currently produces 700 tons of tea each year.

The wildlife and nature park

The nature park here is astounding in its options and wildlife. There are giraffes, rhinos and sleek, big cats. Enjoy a giant slide, ziplines and canyoning. Feel the excitement as you interact with the animals and watch your children’s delight when discovering the petting zoo. The playground is full of laughing children, the giant tortoises are so much fun to watch and you can finish off your day with mini golf and fishing.

The Frederica Nature Reserve

This breathtaking reserve offers themed excursions and allows visitors to reconnect with the glory of nature. There are themed adventures, amazing sightseeing and hidden treasure to enjoy. This is a private nature reserve filled with gently sloping hills and forests. The preserve offers trekking, buggy, quad and safaris for your pleasure.

Souillac Village

This quaint village was once a fisherman’s village and has so many delights to offer. The village was named in honor of Vicomte de Souillac who was once the governor of the island. The La Roche qui pleure is also called the crying rock because as the waves crash it sounds like the cliff is crying. The Le Batelage is an old port where they used to stock sugar and has been perfectly restored. The Souffleur is a grotto on the cliff’s side that shoots an incredible geyser into the air. Wherever you choose to visit this will be the most memorable vacation you will ever have.