It doesn’t matter if you’re moving internationally, you want all of your belongings to arrive at your new home intact.

You can transport your vehicle safely by motorcycle shipment. You’ll find both motorcycle transport companies and brokers when searching for ways to transport your bike. Although you can work directly alongside a carrier, brokers offer many benefits. Continue reading for more information.

Motorcycle Transport Brokers and Carriers


Carriers are motorcycle shippers. They transport motorcycle owners across the country and internationally. Depending on their size, they might have distribution centers that you can drop off or pick up your motorcycle. They might also offer door-to-door transportation. This means that they can load and unload your motorcycle at a location of your choosing.


Brokers differ from carriers in that they do not provide actual transportation services. Brokers act as representatives on behalf of motorcycle owners. They tap into their network of approved carriers to help them accommodate all your shipping needs. The customer service rep of the broker will talk with you to determine your needs and budget in order to match you up with the right carriers. Once you have chosen a carrier, the broker will organize your shipment directly for you with the carrier.

Motorcycle shipping brokers offer many benefits

Why would you prefer to work with a broker over a carrier instead? A broker offers many benefits, including the following.


Brokers have thousands of carriers available across the country. This means that they can locate one closest to you that meets your preferences, budget, timeline, and other criteria. The broker will contact and verify carriers for you.

This gives you flexibility and doesn’t mean that you are tied to any particular route or transport. Instead of you being restricted by a carrier, brokers will find you the right carrier for you. Brokers will help you find the best carrier, no matter if you need delivery to your door, a timeline, or a vintage bicycle with a sidecar.


It can be difficult and overwhelming to comprehend the different coverage levels. Federal law mandates that motorcycle transport carriers carry specific insurance coverage, depending on what cargo is being transported. Even though carriers must have liability insurance, this type of insurance does not cover actual vehicle damage. Additional cargo insurance will be required to cover damage caused by a rare shipping accident.

Because motorcycle transport brokers have extensive knowledge of the various insurance types, they can share their recommendations with you and help you to understand your options.


It is a time-consuming process to search for carriers, get pricing estimates from them, compare their prices, and choose the best. The responsibility of managing the entire process is taken on by motorcycle transport brokers. They can coordinate all details, expedite shipment, and verify the reputations of carriers and their insurance policies.


It is likely that you will spend considerable time researching options and getting quotes to compare pricing if you decide to work with a carrier. Even then, it is impossible to be sure that you are getting the best price.

Customer Service

One of the most respected motorcycle transport brokers can connect you to a representative who will work with you on all details. Because they are experts in the industry, they will be able to help you understand the intricacies of motorcycle shipping. They also know the best options for your shipment. They can handle any emergency better.