Year of study in Malta: information for foreign students | Smapse

Nature does not bless many places. One of such limited and blessed places is Malta. Located in the Mediterranean Sea, it is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Europe. Even though it is one of the smallest countries in Europe, the place is teeming with historical and famous places to visit.

The place is rich in culture and diversity. It has a very warm and welcoming environment which makes it an ideal place, not only to travel but also for studies. Since Malta is home to one of the oldest universities in the world, it is, besides a tourist hub, a huge attraction for students from all over the world.

One of the major concerns of students when coming to an alien land is the concern of accommodation. Ideally, a student accommodation must be close to the university so that there is no difficulty in moving to and from the university. Besides that, other services like laundry, parking, etc form an important face of ideal staying location.

The best student accommodation in Malta is the campus hub. The place was started with just one goal that is to make the lives of students comfortable in Malta. The residence is located just a walking distance from the university, which allows you to reach the institute in minutes. The comfortable residential drums along with café and restaurants develop a holistic personality.

Life of foreign students in Malta

Prima facie, it is a daunting task to leave your homeland and move to some alien land to study and stay there for a long time. The life of a student is not an easy one because he has to juggle various roles at the same time. Here is what the average life of a student in Malta looks like:

1- Traveling- if you are on a course that spans for more than three months, you would require a visa. Having said that, you must prepare ahead of time and make a checklist of all the necessary papers required for your stay in malta. It is best to apply for a visa much earlier so that the chances of getting a visa are increased.

2- Insurance and health care- it is a wise step to prepare for your travel insurance so that the length of your study tenure in Malta is secured. Manu health insurance agencies will allow you to receive state-funded health care if, God forbid, you become ill or meet an unfortunate accident.

3- Stay in touch – when you are residing in distant lands, you must stay in touch with your family. You must also leave relevant details such as phone numbers, the address, etc to your family and friends so that they may be contacted in case of urgency. Also, you must let your family and friends know of your whereabouts regularly.


Malta is a very welcoming place for students and individuals from foreign countries and it is definite that regardless of the reason, you would enjoy your stay in Malta