Memphis city of Tennessee is all about music, events, fun, and entertainment. People, who have visited once, have always revisited the city. It is an entertaining city that is known for its various achievements. It is home to founders and inventors of the American music genre. Needless to say, which Rock n Roll, Rap, Jazz are some of the genres that were born in Memphis city.

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The famous historical landmark the Beale Street and Sun Studio are known for leaving a strong impact on American music. Above all, Memphis is known as the Home of the Blues. In this time when Blues was at its peak, jazz music also influenced the music industry. It was in 1952, that Sam Phillips started Sun Records for rock n roll and blues music. Eventually, they started recording many artists and gave birth to famous musicians like Elvis Presley.

Here is the list of some famous Memphis musicians that you may have known by name –

Famous Memphis Music Artists

Elvis Presley and Rock n Roll

Elvis Presley was born in Mississippi but relocated to Memphis. He developed energetic rock n roll while he was a country music and R&B artist. Rock n Roll is the core part of Memphis culture. When the other music like Blues and country music were hitting the records during the 1950s, Rock n Roll brought a turning point in the music industry. Later musicians like the Gentry’s, the Boxtops, and Big Star kept it alive in the 60s and 70s.

Blues and B.B King

B.B. King is a renowned guitarist and songwriter who created the Blues. Blues is the folk music that is heard all across Memphis city. The notes of this music are slightly off that arouses emotions. Beale Street is known to be the Home of the Blues.

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Even now when you walk on Beale Street you will happen to see at least one live event organized there. The street is vibrant and full of music which everyone can enjoy. Blues legends like Furry Lewis, Little Junior Parker B.B. King, Walter Horton, Howlin’ Wolf, Joe Hill Louis, etc. have always performed on Beale Street.

Soul & Funk

Jean Stewart and Estelle Axton when started the Stax Record Company in Memphis, they recorded legends like Rufus Thomas, the Staple Singers, Otis Redding, etc. these legends were known to produce soul music. The Memphis Sound is considered the soul of music and the sound of the city. The two soul music festivals held in Memphis is home to traditional music like Soul & Funk.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop and Rap became famous in the late 80s and 90s. Today, they’re given more importance than any other music. Most musicians and singers are into hip hop and rap-singing. James Dukes, who is also known as IMAKEMADBEATS is responsible to record Memphis hip hop, R&B, and rap music.


Gospel has given a major contribution in creating music like soul, rock n roll, as well as country music. Elizabeth King recorded Gospel in mid-century which had a sound similar to soul music. Therefore, it can be said that soul music was influenced by the Gospel. Every Sunday, people visit the Al Green’s Full Gospel Tabernacle Church to hear the soul and gospel music recorded by the Sensational Barnes Brothers.

Many other artists made their name through Sun Studio and Stax Records. They are still performing on stage. Some of them, who remember their roots, are residing in Memphis and perform from time to time in live events. If you ever visit Memphis do experience the live events of these famous musicians.