As far as lighting fixture is concerned nothing can be compared with a chandelier. When all the lights of your chandelier will glitter, it will really set an atmosphere and mood in the room and often the conversation with your guest may start with discussion about chandelier.

Therefore, it is essential that you must know enough about modern dining room chandelier that you can get from SOFARY.

You must have seen chandelier light fixture in many houses that hangs from ceiling. Usually you will find them mostly in the dining space. Usually, this chandelier consists of many crystals and lights and brightens up the room with its lights.

You can find them in many different designs and styles and you can choose based on the style and décor of your home. Following are 3 things that you need to consider while selecting your chandelier.

  • Where you will position it?
  • At what height you want?
  • What should be brightness level?

Mostly interior designers are involved in designing of such chandelier. We will discuss few different chandeliers that are generally found in most of the homes from where you can choose your chandelier.

    1. Bulky chandelier

As you know, chandeliers are mostly used for lighting up any space. So, you can always choose a royal and artistic chandelier for dining space. It should not collide with your dining table/chairs and bring warm look during while you are having dinner.

    2. Contemporary chandelier design

Contemporary design can break away from all other styles and can produce a cutting-edge chandelier that can show how a chandelier design can really be reimagined for our everyday use.

    3. Industrial chandelier design

Chandelier with industrial design generally employs application of exposed wood along with metal to stir up the lighting image that is generally used in factory or any industrial settings.

    4. Metal pendants

All homeowners today prefer LED lights in order to cut their electricity bills. These metal pendants will consume less power to throw more brightness as compared to normal fixtures for hanging light. All these pendants are available in beautiful shapes and can spice up your dining table.

    5. Metal wire lights

Perhaps this will be better idea for people who prefer natural lighting. First you must check about load capacity of your ceiling. Foliage can then be supported with a metal wire. Then you can attach few small lights for offering natural look to your dining space.

    6. Retro ring lights

These retro styles will never be obsolete and once again it is the time for enhancing your dark dining room with ring lights. A major benefit of placing your ring lights in your dining room is, it can circulate the lights in all corners.

    7. Rustic chandelier design

The application of wrought iron and wood along with Edison-style bulbs are always common for any rustic chandeliers.

    8. Sculptural light fixtures

Many youngsters prefer to choose sculptural lights for placing them on top of the dining area. All these lights have got unique design, shapes and patterns. Besides, they can illuminate your whole room.