Breckenridgeis one Colorado’s most famous towns, boasting awe-inspiring mountain views, skiing and hiking adventures. Located at the bottom of the Rocky-Mountains’ Tenmile range, a traveler will find a community for nearly every pastime. Just as Breckenridge has a rich pioneer history tied to the gold rush, one will find a vibrant community within a place formerly known as the Breckenridge Cannabis Club, a dispensary and place of community for cannabis enthusiasts.

Other communities with dispensaries owned and operated by the same management may know this cannabis club in Breckenridge and surrounding as Backcountry Cannabis Company, or simply BCC. In addition to BCC, museums, breweries and celebrations of culture are a hallmark of this town’s rich history. Below are a few activities a visitor can enjoy alongside their trip to the BCC.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Breckenridge is located on the southern tip of the Rocky Mountains, welcoming visitors who travel by car into the dense and majestic mountains of the western ranges. Boasting mountain peaks as high as 14,265 ft, the hiker or skier may never find a shortage of walks and slopes. As one might safely assume, many of the marijuana products at the Breckenridge Cannabis Club make use of imagery reminiscent of the surrounding geography. It is not uncommon for a tourist to visit BCC, purchase recreational weed and visit one of these majestic spots, letting the experience of the THC enhance their appreciation of the breath-taking surroundings.

A Night on the Town

Though the BCC for some people is enough to warrant a trip, there are in-town activities that compliment a BCC visit. The Breckenridge economy thrives on its visitors and locals alike. In fact, the variety of attractions seems almost too good to be true. Travelers have their pickof rustic lodges and cabins. Aside from skiing and hiking, outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of the nearby rivers and streams by whitewater rafting. In town, you may take a stroll down Main Street to visit local shops. The Backstage Theatre offers an opportunity to escape reality through live drama and music. No matter what your interests maybe, Breckenridge is almost guaranteed to have something for you.

Many know that in 2014, the Breckenridge Cannabis Club became one of the first storefronts in the United States to make a legal recreational marijuana sale. Many don’t know, however, about all of the other activities Breckenridge has to offer. The BCC, the geography, and the local culture make for a relaxing and satisfying Colorado getaway.

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